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My place looks fantastic like I've never seen it before! Their gardeners worked their magic, and the transformation was remarkable.

  • S. Graves

Some friends advised me to use Lawn Care Service Richmond after they used them for patio cleaning and I needed my patio cleaned too. I am very pleased with both the price and the service.

  • Maria Zeno

I am highly satisfied with the gardeners from Richmond Garden Designers. They ensure that I have the best looking lawn in the neighbourhood. I would most certainly recommend.

  • Harry T.

The best garden care service in my area is Landscaping Services Richmond. Would highly recommend!

  • Natalie K.

Without the monthly help of Landscaping Services Richmond, I wouldn't be able to tame my garden. I wouldn't be able to cope. Luckily their gardeners are at my beck and call. They're able to complete a number of tasks to keep my garden maintained and in great condition.

  • Angelo M.

A top professional garden maintenance service. It was cheap and the team finished ahead of schedule too. What's there not to like from Landscaping Services Richmond?

  • Emily

I always wanted a garden but my husband said it was too expensive. I got a raise at work and decided to look into getting a garden. Gardening Company Richmond made us an awesome garden design and built us a garden at a very low rate.

  • Suzy N.

From now on I will only ever use Gardeners Richmond for my garden care needs. They do an excellent job and work very quickly. Incredibly professional and take real pride in the work that they do. Recommended!

  • Dom Hoskins

I was astonished at how much garden waste GardenersRichmond could collect from my place. I had been doing up and cleaning my garden so I had a lot of junk and clutter that needed to be handled. I called them up to could collect leaves, grass, etc. but they did much more. They took away my old garden ornaments, parts of the shed I was scrapping and more. They did a complete garden clearance. This team is great and I'm keeping their number for the future.

  • Leslie Castle

With a lawn that was in dire need of attention, I reached out in desperation to Gardeners Richmond and was pleasantly surprised instead of being disappointed (as I expected to be). For a fair price, they transformed our lawn from the untidy, overgrown mess that it had become to a lovely, neat, well kept space that is really pleasing to the eye. The team that worked on it was genius and prompt and I will definitely use them in future as well as recommend them to others.

  • Martin E.

Can't recommend Landscaping Services Richmond highly enough. No matter what I write here it just won't do them justice as they have been absolutely brilliant with us and the job they've carried out. We had quite specific needs for our garden and they didn't moan once when we changed our minds at several stages along the way. An impeccable gardening company that have been a pleasure to deal with.

  • Amanda Marshall

I would like to thank my landscape gardener from Gardening Company Richmond for all the work and effort that was put into my garden. I've had so many compliments on the appearance of my garden that I've lost track, and I still can't believe how cheap and affordable the service was. I am excited to try other services from this company in the future!

  • F. Adams

My garden was in desperate need of a professional gardening service and Richmond Garden Designers were the team to provide it. The work carried out was faultless and the price I ended up paying was very reasonable considering the amount and level of work that was carried out. Brilliant stuff!

  • Graeme S.

There's nothing more tedious for me than gardening, which is why I hire Landscaping Services Richmond on a regular basis for professional garden care. They always leave me more than happy with their work and never fail to impress me. I'm always left over the moon. I'd like to tell you how much I recommend them. They do everything they say they do and even more! You will not find a better team around than these guys and I promise you will not regret hiring them.

  • Rose Tiffany

I am very garden proud and to get things to the standard I want I need the help of Landscaping Services Richmond. I will do many of the things myself but I need them to see to the hedges. They have shown me how hedge trimming is done and so I won't let anyone else handle it. They are impressive and a wonder to watch working. If you want the best garden you will need their help.

  • Leanne C.

I cannot rave about Richmond Garden Designers enough! They make a big job such as landscaping my garden seem a quick and easy process and what's more is that it is available to me at an affordable price too. They break down the task and make it all seem quite manageable even though it doesn't matter too much to me as it is not me who is completing the job. I really like this company!

  • Charlene Pittman

Richmond Garden Designers were brilliant when I wanted some weeding done in my new home. Well, the weeds were so tall and overgrown it was a big job! This company has all of the proper tools for the job and soon got it sorted. I am now hiring them more frequently to help with other gardening services to help keep the garden looking good. The standard of work is exceptional and the cost is reasonable, too!

  • Craig Davidson

It's refreshing to find a company that's reliable and trustworthy for a change. I definitely trust GardenersRichmond to take care of my gardening needs and every time I've used them, they haven't let me down. They stick to their price plan, which is low and reasonable, and always do exactly what they say they're going to do when it comes to the gardening jobs and not a thing less. To top it off, they're all a great bunch of guys and I have no problems leaving them to get on with jobs at my property.

  • Ruby Watson

I had never hired a gardening firm before, so I wasn't sure what to expect from Richmond Garden Designers. I hired them for a one-off gardening project but they impressed me so much, I now have them come to my property regularly. I am thoroughly impressed with their work and how they make my garden the best it has ever been. They work hard and quickly, so I get the best results in no time.

  • Penny White

The transformation of my back garden is wonderful. I am now looking forward to planting more flowers. GardenersRichmond, do let your staff know that I am thrilled with the work they have carried out. Such an efficient team, they worked hard and also ensured that the place was kept tidy. I like the fact that they took into consideration the suggestions I put forth. Thank you for giving us such a beautiful garden. My family and I love it!

  • Mrs Cook and family

I was looking forward to summer and wanted to get my garden ready in preparation for entertaining guests. I had managed to keep my lawn and hedges neat and proper, but my patio was a problem. It had been inundated with weeds, dirt and grime that I just couldn't eradicate, no matter what I tried. I decided to call in the experts at Landscaping Services Richmond and was amazed how easily their gardeners cleaned up my patio. With their specialist equipment and their expert knowledge they were able to sort out what I couldn't after months of trying.

  • Andy

My patio area was almost covered by wandering weeds that it just wasn't possible to enjoy it. Gardeners Richmond came and did their patio cleaning and transformed it back into a pretty area again! Thanks guys!

  • Y. Lee

Garden maintenance can be quite an investment and so I was careful to select only the best team to undertake any work in my garden. For the past few years I have been tending to my garden but this year I joined a fulltime job and could not find much time for garden clean up. After much research I decided to go ahead with the quote given by Gardening Company Richmond. I am so glad I assigned the task to this company because I am now a proud owner of a sprawling and stunning garden. Thank you for making my tired looking garden and driveway look so delightful.

  • Joey Bryce

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